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Why are radiant panel heaters are so effective and efficient?

Some technical notes and an explanation of how radiant heaters work

The compensated printed circuit technology of the Conservatory Furnishings & Interiors heaters produces radiant heat like the sun. Radiant heat warms people, objects and walls so you feel the warmth equally around your environment. The radiant heat waves from a compensated printed circuit are measured at approximately 8 microns, close to the 9.5 microns wavelength of heat radiated by the human body. Heat produced this way feels comfortable and natural.

Why are radiant panel heaters are so effective and efficient?Other radiant heat sources wavelengths are: -

Solar radiation 0.55
Light bulb 1.50
Molten steel 2.00
Burning coal 3.00
Quartz tube 4.50
Compensated Printed circuit 8.00
Human body 9.50
Walls of room @ 20° C 9.85
Walls of room @ 15° C 10.00

The relatively long waves created by the Conservatory Furnishings & Interiors heaters do not pass through glass but are reflected back into the room. Heat waves are both absorbed and reradiated by walls and furniture and other objects in the room, keeping the heat where it is needed.

Convector heaters such as oil filled radiators heat the air around them, which then rises, and stays near the ceiling where it does little good. Heat escapes where air escapes and is a total waste of your money and will greatly increase you electricity casts.

Conventional convector heaters operate at a temperature in excess of 270° C and burn oxygen and micro particles in the air (e.g. dust and pollen) and cause a sensation of excessive dryness. The Conservatory Furnishings & Interiors radiant heater operates on a completely different principle (heat beams or waves) and operates below 270° C and therefore avoids this problem.

Some technical notes and an explanation of how radiant heaters workThis is a serious consideration for those who suffer from any sort of breathing disabilities, asthma etc, the infirm and elderly.

The Conservatory Furnishings & Interiors radiant heaters may be used in any room in the house except bathrooms. They are an effective replacement for storage heaters and can be an effective whole house heating system when used with plug in timers to deliver heat in a controlled and timely way. They are a perfect supplementary heater for rooms being used for periods when the main central heating system is switched off, avoiding the need for the whole house to be heated.


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